“Tasha Ingram is an excellent personal trainer. My husband and I have been working with Tasha for almost 4 years and she is a perfect fit for both of us. Tasha is able to support us emotionally and physically; encouraging and challenging us to train harder and live better. Workout sessions are customized for us individually but constantly changing to keep us from being bored or predicting the next circuit. We can honestly recommend Tasha to anyone interested in improving their body and general health.”Bonnie Comely (Tony award winning Broadway producer)
“Tasha trains your body and mind to work together to improve your personal fitness and mental well being. Each workout session is seamlessly connected to build on your last and the results are amazing. You work hard; you feel victorious not defeated. You do the impossible, with confidence not doubt. Your mind embraces your body; you feel whole. Self-confidence is evident both inside and outside the gym. ItÂ’s a process; itÂ’s TashaÂ’s process and it is life changing.”Christine M, Vice President- banking
“Empathetic, motivating, extremely professional and absolutely vested in helping you achieve your goals, Tasha is more than trainer, she is genuinely your fitness partner. Extremely knowledgeable, Tasha knows how to mix it up - keep you from getting bored. Expect everything from free weights, floor exercises, machines, drills and a few ballet moves here and there. Tasha is the master of knowing just how hard to push you. I’m so grateful to have her as my trainer!”Rum Ekhtiar, Senior VP- Ruder Finn PR
“I have worked with over 20 personal trainers and Tasha has been the only trainer that I have continued to train with. I have a rare genetic disorder which limits my training ability but that hasn't stopped Tasha from pushing me or getting my desired results. From day one she took the initiative to research my condition and design a workout program catering my needs and limitations. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about training and appreciates a kind-hearted trainer.”Stefanie Smith, Account Executive Children's Showroom
``I have worked with Tasha for the past 8 years and she has trained me through 3 pregnancies. She is the BEST at what she does! I never once questioned my health or the health of my babies while training with her. All three of my pregnancies were high risk and she took the time to speak to my OB-GYN regarding my condition. Anyone who has the opportunity to train with her is lucky.``Samantha Collins (Stay-at-home mom)
``Tasha Ingram is an excellent fitness trainer. Not only is she the best at her craft but she is one of the most professional people that I have ever worked with- in any industry. Our sessions are at 6am and she's never late. Always on time and eagerly ready to start our sessions. Being a busy executive I appreciate her professionalism and her knowledge on training. ``Matthew Parker, Investment Banker